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  1. 6 Ways to Prepare Your B2B PPC Account for the Holidays

    Consider combining your competitor bidding with an aggressive remarketing campaign, too. Adjust your ad copy, keywords, and bids to match your expected return on investment (ROI). Ad test cleanup. Review all of your ad tests and pause any losing ads.

  2. Bing Ads Enhances "Change History" Page

    Changes are grouped by Campaign, then by Ad Group," Bing adds. The Change History page gives advertisers a way to see how changes impact a campaign's performance. Bing also improved the performance of the page, saying the Bing Ads team "acted on...

  3. DoubleClick Adds Optimization, Reporting Tools to Search Commerce Suite

    Instead, purchase detail reports give granular transaction details for better insights into campaign performance, so brands can: identify the impact of their advertising on achieving core business goals; improve ad targeting by matching ads to the...

  4. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    As mentioned previously, some enterprise marketers work with hundreds of publishers, and being able to identify which partners are actually driving app installs enables you to modify your campaign and get the greatest return on your ad spend.

  5. 5 Changes You Need to Make for Google Shopping in the Next 2 Months

    Consider what ad groups you want to create under your All Products ad group carefully as they will form the structure for the remainder of your campaign. Once you've broken out your Google Shopping Campaign, continue to test different ad groups and...