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Perfect 10 Magazine

  1. Chic Engine Helps You Find That Dress You Saw on Pinterest

    This means that theoretically I could now take a photo of a fashion shoot in a magazine and zero in on the jacket to find similar items which are probably at a lower price. I need a shirt," but when I look at an image in a cool magazine or whatever...

  2. Court: Google Image Search Didn’t ‘Irreparably Harm’ Perfect 10’s Porn Business

    Adult website and magazine Perfect 10 has failed to prove to a federal appeals court that Google nearly drove it to bankruptcy by indexing and showing thumbnail images of Perfect 10’s nude female models in Google Image search results for free.

  3. Mobile Coupons Offer Multiple Benefits

    A recent PROMO magazine poll revealed that more than 25 percent of U.S.marketers were investing in SMS and digital coupons, but that still trailed far behind investing in other digital media like e-mail, blogs, display, and search (Source: PROMO...

  4. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site

    PC Magazine Apr 23 2004 10:58AM GMT This system isn't perfect and might not necessarily reflect general opinion on the web or elsewhere for any particular query. Google has since said this was due to the site having been removed from the web...