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Percentage Points

  1. Mobile: 34% of Organic Search, 42% of Social Traffic in Q2 [Report]

    Mobile device traffic is growing, up three percentage points from Q1, comprising 34 percent of all organic search traffic to websites. When it came to the individual social network's contribution to total social traffic, Facebook traffic was down 6...

  2. Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google [Research]

    When it came to what percentage of news oriented tweets were indexed from influential Twitter profiles, the data showed it was 100 percent. For more data points from Stone Temple Consulting's research, check out the blog post, here.

  3. More Panda 4.0 Findings: Syndication, User Engagement, Indexation & Keyword Hoarding

    The percentage of syndicated content residing on the websites ranged from 20 to 40 percent. See my points earlier about the power of ABR. And that impact has been fascinating to analyze. Once I heard the official announcement from Google's Matt...

  4. 60% of Consumers Use Mobile Exclusively to Make Purchase Decisions [Study]

    And on tablets, that number grew 2 percentage points as well to 68 percent. A percentage of mobile users searched for location and phone number specifically, with 73 percent saying they preferred a local number versus a toll-free number for the...

  5. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    Fun fact: Task completion rate is a much better measure of engagement than time on page, page exit percentage or any other out-of-the-box GA metric. Your web pages are but points along a greater journey for consumers as they determine which...

  6. Future of Search & Content Marketing: Expand Your Mindset

    The percentage of people who used social media to find websites increased 7 percent from 2011 to 2012, according to Forrester Research data: This and other similar data points segued into the importance of multichannel content marketing.

  7. 4 Ways B2B SEO Tactics Augment Event Marketing Initiatives

    As such, event marketing represents a significant percentage of the B2B marketer's budget and a critical asset SEO professionals need to leverage for performance. Listen for key opportunities and pain points/areas of need.