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Percent q3 2010

  1. Facebook Click-Through Rates Increase, Costs Per Click Down 20-40% in Q3

    This quarter, they report, the average CPC fell 40 percent in the United States and 27 percent in Canada. Spruce Media puts the CPC decrease at 18.2 percent, compared to Q3 2011. CPMs have increased 27.5 percent YoY, while CTRs are up 57.2 percent.

  2. Google Reports Q4 2011 Earnings, $10.58 Billion in Revenue; 90M Google+ Users

    Shares dropped 10 percent in after-hours trading. In the fourth quarter of 2011, Google revenue hit $10.58 billion – a 25 percent increase over the reported $8.44 billion in Q4 2010 revenue. Google+ now has 90 million users globally – more than 60...

  3. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    Although the technology is still new to North America, mobile barcode scanning was up over 4,500 percent comparing Q1 2010 to Q1 2011. So far this year (as of Q3 2011), ScanLife reports over 20 million barcodes scanned worldwide, of which 60...

  4. Q3 Paid Search Spend Data Bodes Well for Google; Bing Continues to Slide

    Q3 paid search spend reports from Covario, Rimm-Kaufman Group and Efficient Frontier/Context Optional show the despite economic concerns, paid search growth is strong, with 23 and 24 percent year-over-year increase in spend in the U.S.and globally...