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  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Windows 8 App Refresh – Bing Search BlogBing News app is now customizable, offers offline reading, and supports RSS; Bing Maps now has "improved driving, transit and walking directions, as well as up-to-the minute traffic incidents notifications...

  2. Yahoo! Doesn't Know What Will Happen with BOSS; YUI, YQL and Pipes Unaffected by Deal

    For example, the Windows Mobile operating system was been open to developers for years before the iPhone came on the scene. It won't be surprising if their influence encourages Microsoft to incorporate more openness into search there.

  3. Cashback Gives Lift to MSN/Windows Live Shopping Search

    New data out from Nielsen shows a 615% growth in MSN/Windows Live Shopping Search in the past year. It seemed laughable that Microsoft had to pay people to search. When Microsoft launched its Cashback program last year, many in the search and tech...

  4. SearchDay | Trick or Tweet for CNN

    Yellowbook already has apps for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and the iPhone. Now, Microsoft's Live Search team is including some answers in their search results. Add & Subtract Exact, Phrase, & Broad listing Oct 28, 2008 Microsoft makes it...

  5. I'm a PC, What Are You?

    He pokes fun at PC users and the mountain of way-too-easy pot shots surrounding Windows Vista. I'm liking Microsoft's response to Apple's ad attacks. Microsoft is coming back at 'em with a reality check for the consuming public.

  6. James Cameron Live on "Avatar" - His New 3-D Film

    I've been banging on the door at Microsoft since I introduced Windows Media 9 with LL Cool J and Bill Gates in 2002. He noted, "Windows organized things spatially. Future versions of Windows should be fully stereoscopic.