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  1. Microsoft CEO: We've Got Siri Beat, Bing vs Google = Draw

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco for the first time in three years to talk Bing vs. Yet, when asked whether Microsoft has “decided to punt” on the social space, or if they would surprise us at some...

  2. Microsoft Live Search is Now Bing

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today drew back the curtain on the new incarnation of Live Search: Bing. Speaking at the D7 Conference in San Diego, Ballmer launched Microsoft's new Search brand, formerly code-named "Kumo.

  3. Search and the Law: Attorney Clarke Douglas Walton

    Fadnation: Why Steve Ballmer Could Be Right, TechCrunch Microsoft’s Ballmer Plays Down ‘Faddish’ Facebook, Plays Up Ad-Supported Software, paidContent Grant Crowell is the CEO and creative director for Grantastic Designs, and a contributor to...

  4. Daily SearchCast, May 26, 2006: Dell's Doing Google, Dude; Google Does 50% Of US Searches; Don't Be Evil? Don't Make Ballmer Laugh & More!

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gets to swing at the same question in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. Ballmer laughs and laughs over Don't Be Evil (ok, just one laugh) and more! Ballmer Microsoft looks at reranking search results based...

  5. MSN adCenter Officially Launches & Changes Name to Microsoft adCenter

    While MSN adCenter has been in pilot mode since mid-October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is announcing the official launch of adCenter at Thursday's MSN Strategic Account well as the new name change to Microsoft adCenter.