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  1. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    SEM methods include: search engine optimization (SEO), paid placement, contextual advertising, digital asset optimization, and paid inclusion. In the early 2000s, search engine marketing (SEM) was originally defined as the umbrella under which both...

  2. Nomenclature: The Industry Case For and Against SEO

    The overall impression I’m getting from many interviews, conference sessions, in-person conversations (yes, they still happen the odd time), forums, blog posts and comments, that no one is really saying the practice of optimizing content...

  3. Court: Bidding on Competitor's Name OK in AdWords, adCenter

    Everything from ad copy intentions, trademarked usage, and site placement was clarified in the hearing. The hearing was largely focused on the intention of users and the ability to identify paid sponsorship listings versus organic search results.

  4. Rip Van Winkle: "Things Change Fast in Today's World"

    And inform them that a high quality score can actually cause ads to jump over ads with lower quality scores that would otherwise not merit that prominent placement. Tell them that Google didn't reveal that Quality Score was used to determine which...

  5. It's “Horses for Courses” at SES London 2009

    Search Advertising 101: Paid placement is a form of search advertising that provides a top ranking in return for payment. Every major search engine offers a paid placement program. Meanwhile, someone who's been around the SEO racecourse a few times...

  6. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    YouTube: Damon Wayans Pay-to-Play, Paid Inclusion or Pay-for-Placement? Organic Search The Why Behind Paid Search Trends: MeasurabilityThere are countless reports that paid search is on the rise and is projected to continue trending upwards.

  7. Search Spend Seems Healthy Despite Slowing Economy

    Paid placement captures 87.4% of 2007 spending; organic SEO, 10.5%; paid inclusion, .07%, and technology investment, 1.4%. Respondents are expecting to increase their search spend this year, due to factors like advertiser demand; rising costs of...