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  1. Impact of Legal U.S. Online Gambling on Search and the Web

    States have started to tax online companies that have affiliate programs operating in their states. But the potential income is much more than that when you factor the money Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft would get from pay-per-click (PPC...

  2. Commission Junction Offering Search Marketing Services

    A service that has the affiliate programs for you to sell and will take charge of the selling process too.hmmm. Seems affiliate marketing giant Commission Junction wants to start offering search marketing services, according to an email I received...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Q: Is Google AdWords the least expensive way to advertise affiliate programs? I believe this is a particularly significant new feature, and will prove to be a step forward for, either product-oriented affiliate or ecommerce sites.

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    I'm not running any sort of PPC [pay per click” or affiliate programs for the site. Click Fraud Check - How to Proceed? Although I sent my invoices based on services done for the client and agreed upon by contract, the client did not respond and/or...

  5. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Affiliate Marketing and SEM Revisited ClickZ, July 12, 2004 The search engine marketing industry is getting more formal and mature -- yet legal issues still need to be resolved, and...

  6. Affiliate Programs: Moneymakers or Brandbusters?

    Search engine affiliate programs offer the promise of greatly increasing your online exposure and sales, but be careful: They can also displace your firm in search engine results and dilute your brand image.