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  1. Android’s New Feature Paves Way for Apps Replacing Web

    If the latter is true, the technology may be related to a 2011 patent filed by Google called "Customizing Mobile Applications," in which Google patents the process of customizing mobile apps based on user preference and device information.

  2. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    Authorship Patents Especially if you read the patents on Authorship and Content which states; Read the patents and you can see this is not only possible, but the patents discuss it. Remember Eric Schmidt mentioning people needing multiple...

  3. Failure to Comply: Judge Orders Google to Reveal Paid Media Relationships

    In Alsup's original ruling, he ordered Google and Oracle to hand over the names of journalists and bloggers they paid during the Java copyrights and patents lawsuit by August 17. District Court Judge William Alsup said Google "failed to comply...

  4. Facebook’s Cookiegate: Controversial Tracking Cookie is Back

    There are other things mentioned in the patent application and, for many of those, it’s important to understand how companies use patents. As a result, current functionality and future business plans shouldn’t be inferred from our patent applications.

  5. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    Posted by Frank Watson Jul 10, 2008 David Utter over at WebProNews has written an insightful piece on the possibility Microsoft wants Yahoo mainly for the old Overture patents it holds, in particular patent 361.

  6. New Search Patent Filings: August 27, 2006 - Google's Recommendations, IBM's Speedier Pagerank, Napster's Search

    My usual reminder about patents: Some of the processes and technology described in patents are created in house, and some are developed with the assistance of contractors and partners. And sometimes patents are just purchased.

  7. More than Organizing Photos? Google Acquires Neven Vision

    A search at the patent office on Hartmut Neven, one of the board members of Neven Vision, showed patents assigned to Nevengineering, Inc. A page on their site also listed a number of patents that they had been granted, and the numbers from those...