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  1. Defining Authorship: The Difference Between Contributors and Guest Authors

    Well first lets take a look at the abstract for 2007 patent for Agent Rank: This patent application describes a system where that might be a possibility. Strong authors who pass great Author Rank won't be people who simply blog a lot, all over the...

  2. Twitter DM Insecurity, SEO Tips, Latest on Google, Yahoo & Bing - Search Week in Review for Oct. 9, 2010

    Google Patent on URL Compression and the Mobile Web - SEO by the Sea Shining a Spotlight on Video News - Google News Blog SES Chicago 2010 advanced blog and video coverage! SES Blog SES New York 2011 - Speaking Submissions Now Being Accepted - SES...

  3. No Yahoo Re-org This Week; 'Creepy' Google; Google Buys BlindType & More [Search News Roundup]

    A recently published patent application from Google describes how it might identify location information on web pages, verify the locations found on those pages, and insert links to maps after finding and verifying them.

  4. Bing Search in IE9; Skyhook Sues Google; Latest comScore Search/Mobile Stats & More Search News

    Boston-area startup Skyhook Wireless is suing Google for interfering with its business and patent infringement, claiming that Google forced one of its paying customers, Motorola, to ditch Skyhook to pass Google's compliance tests.

  5. SearchDay | Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox?

    Microsoft, Google and Apple Being Sued Over Icon Navigation Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008 A lawsuit was filed in Arizona Federal court against Microsoft, Google and Apple by Cygnus Systems, Inc.over use of their just granted patent for...