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  1. Customer Satisfaction with Search Engines

    I think they've done a great job reinventing the Web site, and transforming from Ask Jeeves to Ask, and it will start paying dividends," he said. While relaunched in early 2006, when it shed its "Ask Jeeves" identity, it never suffered the...

  2. Search Engine Results Chart

    Ask Jeeves Several other sites chart the relationships between search engines. Crawler: the main results are compiled by having crawled the web. Many search engines where the main results come from crawling the web also provide human-powered...

  3. Bush Administration Demands Search Data; Google Says No; AOL, MSN & Yahoo Said Yes

    If they didn't get a request, as with Ask Jeeves, they'd say so (and probably breathe a sigh of relief that they didn't get one). Want 1 million random web sites? Ah, but how many pages (the count is for pages, not web sites) do we have in all?

  4. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    Ask Jeeves launches Web Answers in the UK. Sullivan tipped his cap to the little "rewards" that the search companies have offered to long-suffering search marketers of good conscience: "weather reports" by Yahoo Search, offering guidance on major...