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  1. Bing Linked Pages Simpler than Google+ Author Markup

    Where those results have previously been dominated by estalished forums, retail brands may now have a chance to claim some personalized SERPs real-estate. So, for instance, Bing will post to my wall any pages that I have linked to my own name but...

  2. Don't Believe Everything You Read

    This is especially evident in some forums, when people join and claim to want to learn, but within weeks -- or even days -- are proclaiming expertise on a particular topic and advising people. There are plenty of very smart and helpful people...

  3. Standards? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Standards!

    Share your thoughts on SEO standards in the Search Engine Watch Forums. Social news submission, for example, poses an entirely different risk to the Huffington Post than, say, Bill O'Reilly when it comes to SEO benefit.

  4. Defining Yourself Through Search

    Don't forget to create links back to your Web site, blog or profile pages when you post in forums or blogs. You can also share your expertise on social network sites, or within the forums of the associations to which you are linked.