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  1. Flying Saucer Spotted in Google Doodle: How to Play the Roswell UFO Logo Game

    And it is great to see Google highlight something that has been a pretty significant event in pop culture, having been featured and parodies on everything from "The X-Files" to blockbuster movies. UFO enthusiasts will love today’s Google Doodle...

  2. Leverage Twitter's Influence To Work For Your Brand

    It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to quickly run amok with the campaign, quickly turning it into a series of terrible stories and dark parodies. Crazy, right. Crazier still is that the correlation is only with respect to positive mentions...

  3. Mathematician Pierre de Fermat Honored With Google Doodle

    The statement parodies Fermat's Last Theorem - that was written in the margin of a copy of Diophantus' Arithmetica. When you scroll over Google's latest Doodle honoring 17th century mathematician Pierre de Fermat there is a message that states "I...

  4. Search Week in Review for May 7, 2011

    Geronimo, Osama bin Laden Dead SEW's Favorite Star Wars Parodies by Jonathan Allen ABC News posted a story today, leading with the words, "Help me, Google, you're my only hope .to figure out why everyone on the web is wishing each other a Happy...

  5. UK Election 2010: Have We Just Experienced the First Real 'Twitter Moment'?‏

    Twitter parodies undercut media attacks on Clegg (#nickcleggsfault). Has UK Election 2010 just experienced its first real "Twitter moment"? Well, colleagues on both sides of the pond have noticed that #nickcleggsfault is a trending topic on Twitter.

  6. Andrew Goodman to Guy Kawasaki: You are Ruining Twitter!

    Remember, Molson's commercial, "The Rant", was a remarkable success, spawning a number of parodies and copycats. At SES New York last week, I was amazed that the buzz generated by Guy Kawasaki's keynote about "Twitter as a Tool for Social Media...

  7. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    Here's one example of an online free speech rights organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, suing Viacom over YouTube's takedown notice for material that even parodies Viacom's media properties, which is a legitimate fair use.

  8. iOffer Pokes Fun at eBay

    While P2P commerce site iOffer might not follow an auction model, it clearly looks to grab market share from the untouchable giant with a game called Feepay that parodies the rising rates and new fees eBay has implemented over the past few years.

  9. Time Warner Welcomes Pirates

    Time Warner launched, a men's interest broadband site with serialized video that parodies office situations like getting fired, office flings and boss and assistant dynamics. The site also hosts photos, jokes, blogs and viral...