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Parked Domains

  1. How to Avoid Buying a Bad Domain – Tips From Google's Matt Cutts

    If the domain is parked, well we try to take part domains out of the results anyway so that might not indicate anything. However, some parked domain pages do this automatically as well. Many people purchase a domain only to discover it's been...

  2. Google Display Network Exclusion Tactics: Don’t Drink from the Fire Hose

    In the past we’ve seen positive performance from Parked Domains and Error Pages. People seem to think that the GDN is like drinking from a fire hose: turn it on and get a ton of traffic. No doubt, your GDN campaign will drown in unqualified clicks...

  3. 10 Google Search Changes Include Long Tail Indexing, Parked Domain Classifier

    Google now detects parked domains more easily, making them less likely to show up in the SERP. New 'parked domain' classifier. Better long-tail indexing and parked domain detection are among the announced changes.

  4. Brand Monitoring: A Guide to Protecting Trademarks on Paid Search

    Advertisers who engage in this practice include authorized resellers, unauthorized resellers, competitors, affiliate marketers, parked domains, spyware/malware/phishing sites, made-for-ads sites, shopping sites, editorial sites, and coupon sites.

  5. SearchDay | Revisiting 2008 Search Predictions

    However, these articles connect expired then parked domains at GoDaddy and Google's adsense for parked domains program in uncomfortable ways. Standard Tactics, LLC: How GoDaddy Profits from Expired Domains (