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  1. Facebook Wants to Welcome Kids Under Age 13 to Social Network

    Facebook is reportedly testing out controls that would allow users under the age of 13 to participate on the social network under parental supervision. Citing people who have spoken with Facebook executives about the project, reports...

  2. Future planning for succession

    Once the founder goes who holds it together, family members begin to tear pieces off the letter of wishes.During her career Garnham has seen a number of families tear themselves apart and destroy the wealth built up by parents and grandparents due...

  3. Trade Groups Outline New Behavioral Advertising Standards

    The Sensitive Data Principle requires parental consent for consumers known to be under 13 on child-directed Web sites. In January, four trade groups announced that they would be developing behavioral advertising standards.

  4. Paid Inclusion Listings May Get Boosted At AltaVista

    Penguins Discusses the lives of penguins, particularly Emperor penguins, describing where they live, what they eat, their mating habits and parental behavior By Danny Sullivan, Editor The Search Engine Update...