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Parent Innovation Interactive

  1. Netmining's New Ad Network Brings Optimization to Behavioral Ads

    It was acquired by Innovation Interactive, parent company of 360i and SearchIgnite, which is now launching Netmining's optimization suite in the U.S. On a recent call, Innovation Interactive CEO Will Margiloff explained to me that the ad network...

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 13, 2006: Google Still A Tech Company, Says Schmdit; Google Earth Gets New Features; GBuy To Take On eBay's PayPay?; eBay Takes On AdSense; Yahoo Answerers In Times Square

    Back in April, SimplyHired raised $13.5m from Fox Interactive Media (FIM), MySpace's parent company. Google, Innovation Is Not Just Fun, Games, LA Times (QOther than search it's just a bunch of me-too' products.

  3. 360i Acquired By Innovative Interactive

    Innovation Interactive is the parent company of eXact Advertising and paid listings service Search marketing firm 360i has been purchased by Innovation Interactive, 360i tells us. BrainFox.eXact Advertising, which currently encompasses search...