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Pamela Parker

  1. Blogpulse and AOL Annouce Deal

    Our friend, Pamela Parker at Clickz reports on a just announced deal that will bring "daily blog data and trend analysis" to AOL provided by Intelliseek's Blogpulse which also operates its own blog search tool.

  2. A bid for Aegis

    UPDATE (by Pamela Parker): The WSJ is reporting that the previously unnamed entity is Publicis. An unknown entity, probably an agency holding company, has approached Aegis -- which contains the Isobar network's iProspect, Carat Fusion and numerous...

  3. New Carat Search Head

    Pamela Parker's article: Carat Names Search Head After Belanger's Departure, reports that the agency will unify search and affiliate marketing practices under its new leader, Jeremy Cornfeldt.

  4. Local Search + Social Networking

    In the article: Socially Networked Start-Ups Challenge Big Boys in Local Search, Pamela Parker takes a look at three new local search/social networking databases. Say hello to Judy's Book, Yelp, and Insider Pages.