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  1. Texas AG Wants Google's Formula for AdWords Rates, Ranking Sites

    The Texas attorney general leading an antitrust investigation of Google wants to know how Google determines the prices for its AdWords paid search advertising program and how sites are ranked in Google's search results.

  2. Yahoo Dropping Paid Inclusion Program at End of Year

    has announced that it's nixing its paid inclusion program. has been criticized for its paid inclusion program, since the sites who do pay and those who don't are mixed in together. The program has allowed websites to be submitted to Yahoo!

  3. Search Spend Seems Healthy Despite Slowing Economy

    Google AdWords remains the most popular search advertising program, but both Google and Yahoo sponsored search spending has decreased from a year ago. Preliminary results of the 2007 State of the Market Survey were released today at Search Engine...

  4. Lotus Alumni Are Impacting Search

    In 1984, he set up Iris Associates and began work on a program that became Lotus Notes. It is no accident that they were included in the 25th anniversary party program: Lotus also created a philanthropy program and provided funding for Eyes on the...