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  1. Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009

    If there's one paid search service that can thrive on '09, it's paid inclusion. These may not be straight text search results, but I don't think we've seen the last of paid inclusion. A Paid Inclusion Rebound

  2. Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 2

    I'm not talking about material you get from "trusted" members of a paid inclusion program but rather for the general web developer and searcher. In parallel to the above, we have started on a different approach through the launch of our Content...

  3. Going Beyond FTC Paid Inclusion Disclosure Guidelines

    A day after Yahoo unveiled its paid inclusion program in March, Ask Jeeves made a timely announcement that it was dropping its own feed-based paid inclusion. A longer version of this story for Search Engine Watch members explains how to decipher...

  4. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    Responding to recent FTC recommendations, FAST has added additional information about how it crawls web pages and displays search results, including information about paid placement and paid inclusion content.

  5. Yahoo Announces Content Acquisition Program

    Just two weeks after launching a brand new search engine, Yahoo has announced a content acquisition program that consolidates all of its paid inclusion programs and marks the beginning of an aggressive new campaign to significantly expand both the...