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Paid Search Market Second Quarter

  1. Retail Paid Search Traffic Up 30%, Organic Visits Drop 3% [Study]

    This highlights that is even more important for a website owners to ensure they have a mobile-friendly website, as they found only 52 percent of merchants had a mobile optimize websites in the second quarter of 2013.

  2. Mobile to Account for 25% of Paid Search Clicks on Google in 2012 [Study]

    They also forecast the global smart mobile market will reach one billion devices in either the first or second quarter of 2013. When it comes to paid search ad spend, Japanese marketers spend 93.8 percent of their paid search market on desktop...

  3. Mobile Search Marketing for BRIC -- Country by Country

    With only a quarter of Brazilian households hooked up to fixed broadband, mobile Internet seems poised to connect many more to the net. Baidu comfortably controls the search engine market in China, with its 75 percent market share (Google is in...

  4. Yahoo Q2 Ad Revenues Hurt By Just One Week Slowdown?

    Yahoo reported second-quarter earnings of $213 million, soaring 51% from $141 million a year earlier. Second-quarter net profit amounted to 15 cents per share, up from 10 cents a year ago, and one cent above Wall Street analysts EPS forecast of 14...

  5. Covario Still Sees 2010 Tech Ad Spend Rising 14%-18% As Q2 Figs Show Double-Digit Growth

    Covario sees the Search Alliance becoming effective at the end of the third quarter and expects "the combined Bing/Yahoo platform to account for 17% of the global paid search market, and 21% of the share," said Craig Macdonald, Covario...

  6. As Goes Google So Goes The Economy?

    Basically stating "Investors searching Google's fourth-quarter earnings may see clues about the state of the Internet ad business, the economy and the future of the company itself. At one time all PPC companies had faith the market would work...

  7. SearchDay: Content? Content. Content!

    Yahoo Snags Search Ad Marketshare Gain at Google's Expense Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 11, 2008 Analytics firm Covario says Yahoo gained paid search advertising at the expense of Google in the second quarter of 2008.

  8. CEO Tells Wall St. Why He Invests in SEO

    Traffic for the quarter was up 14 percent versus a year ago, and 6 percent ahead of the second quarter 2007. Evans noted during the earnings call that organic direct traffic accounted for 75 percent of Bankrate's total traffic for the quarter.

  9. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 14-18, 2008

    Paid Click Growth Slows, Declines in Q1 2008Following a less-than-luster February, paid clicks were weak across the board in the first quarter of 2008, according to comScore. Listeners on the Google conference call could virtually hear the sound of...