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Paid Search Market Alliance

  1. Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012

    Marketers are going to have to make a real effort to remain on top of this changing market and make sure they know where the teenagers go. Ostensibly, the alliance was part of an aim to deliver faster, more relevant results to users of both Yahoo...

  2. Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance: 3 Key Findings All Search Marketers Must Know

    Here are three findings from Marin Software's research that every search marketer should know about the combined Search Alliance market. Now, with nearly a third of the search query market, U.S.advertisers have new reasons to consider investing in...

  3. Blekko & Stack Overflow Team Up; Is The Future Celebrity Endorsed Search Indexes?

    However, the key is scale - if Blekko can continue it's charm offensive to recruit industry leaders in other verticals to curate other verticals, and bring their tribes with them, then it will be able to significantly increase it's market share.