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  1. SEO vs. SEM Timelines: A Medical Analogy

    Marketing directors and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants are often questioned by their bosses and clients about the progress of their SEO campaigns. You can get the phone to ring when you're actively paying for ads, but as soon as you...

  2. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Use it to create audiences, play around with targeting, and create an image bank for your campaigns. If you're running more than one simple Facebook Ads campaign, you need to be using Power Editor. Not to be outdone, Bing Ads has some great free...

  3. 4 Ways to Expand PLA Success in 2014

    Negatives offer important safeguards to ensure product targets aren't too broad and that they don't match too many queries and render campaigns inefficient. With the introduction of Google Shopping campaigns, product inventory and attributes are...

  4. 10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI

    The new multi-channel segmentation capabilities are best demonstrated by looking at some common scenarios in search and social media campaigns. Note: In this example, "Banner" is a medium assigned to all display ads for a site I manage.

  5. Meetup Groups Talk Industry Changes, Budgets, and Q4 Tips Ahead of SES San Francisco

    Jonah Stein: Dig deep and audit your SEO and PPC campaigns to find under-performing pages and fix them now. It's imperative to create an annual marketing calendar and strategy so you're ready to roll out new campaigns in a timely manner.