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  1. SearchDay | The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action

    Google Adds Display Ads to AdSense Link Unit Pages Posted by Nathania Johnson May 28, 2009 When online publishers use AdSense, they have an option to utilize link units. Offers Instant Answers for NHL, NBA Playoff Games and Players Posted...

  2. More on Google OneBox Results

    Today's SearchDay article, A Closer Look at Google OneBox Results, is the final installment in our series looking at the special features search engines have introduced to push "direct answers" to the top of many search result pages.

  3. MSN Adds Direct Answers With Sports Info

    MSN Search is now providing "direct answers" at the top of web results pages with scores, brief bios, stats for baseball and basketball teams and players. Postscript: MSN provides more details about the new sports answers here: More on Sports...