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Pagerank Nofollow Attribute

  1. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    Situation C: 100 links on the page, 1 normal and 99 with a nofollow attribute. PageRank Distribution and nofollow When nofollow was introduced, some SEO enthusiasts wanted to use it for so called “PageRank sculpting” (the intentional steering of...

  2. Should You Still Use Nofollow?

    Recent changes in the processing of the nofollow attribute have caused consternation and concern among many publishers. This was the idea that you could control, at a granular level, the flow of link juice in your Web site through the use of the...

  3. Google vs. Yahoo on Paid Links

    It has also led to Cutts suggestion that publishers that sell text links mark their links with the nofollow attribute. However, doing so for the purpose of influencing PageRank, or your rankings, is against their guidelines.