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Pagerank Algorithm

  1. Authority vs. Popularity: Matt Cutts Teases New Google Search Result Shake-Up

    We've actually thought about this quite a bit because from the earliest days it would get us really kind of frustrated when we'd see reporters talk about PageRank and say PageRank is a measure of the popularity of websites because that's not true...

  2. Seeking Search Engine Love? Begin With Yahoo, Bing, and Google Quality Website Guidelines

    None of the search engines reference "pagerank" in website guidelines. Because there are so many aspects of search, and the rules continually change according to algorithm updates designed to prevent manipulation, an entire industry has been built...

  3. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    Google has taken action on several dozen newspapers in US and UK that were not labeling advertorials and native advertising as such, and that were passing PageRank. Bad News for PageRank Fans For PageRank devotees, there is some bad news.

  4. Recovering from Penalties, Penguin, and Panda

    The next no-no is unnatural links, such as when you buy or sell links with the intent of trading PageRank. Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a...