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  1. SearchDay | Buying Links is Hard Work

    The data includes search logs, page views, page clicks, ad views and ad clicks. When I use a header checker, (have tried several) I get status 500 Internal Server Error but when I go to the page it returns status 200 OK.

  2. Google News Study Finds Bias But Not Favoritism -- But Study Also Has Flaws

    So when I'm told that using names in this way they were used in the way typical people might, I'm not reassured unless I see some query logs. In other words, Yahoo might show 10 stories that same the same thing, keeping alternative views out.

  3. Google And The Big Brother Nomination

    That would then let the US government more easily mine Google's logs to tie search requests with an individual. After that, they'd have to decide instead of going after the very obvious and identifiable data such ISPs, web access logs and emails...