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  1. Bing Hero Ads Turn Ads Into Landing Pages on Windows 8.1

    Hero Ads are very visual ad formats and essentially the ads look to be like a landing page, rather than an advertisement by Bing. The ads do look like high level landing pages, but when asked why Bing doesn't simply send users directly to the Land...

  2. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    When testing and crawling the top landing pages from the old site, they 404 (Page Not Found). Sometimes my analysis reveals a number of exact match anchor text links from certain pages or sections on the site that aren't readily visible on the page.

  3. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: Optimize Beyond Clicks to Drive Higher ROI

    An advertiser looking to promote a mobile app simply has to select targeting parameters and add an image, text, and link to the download landing page. He decides to split the budget equally between two segments to test the efficacy of his ad with...

  4. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    A/B Testing: You have one landing page which is version A, or the control, and then you came up with multiple variations of that page to test against that control. If landing page optimization and conversion funnel testing are not on the list of...

  5. Recharge Your PPC Profitability: 5 Ways to Diagnose & Treat a Paid Search Slump

    Improving landing page load times. Creative burnout: Even the most successful ad or landing page can lose its effectiveness over time. Testing new ads that improve CTR (while keeping CR the same or higher as well for your bottom line).

  6. Twitter Ads: Are You Wasting Money on Mobile?

    Most direct marketing campaigns include a call to action with the goal of a form completion on the landing page. If a user on a desktop device clicks on the tweet, they are more likely to visit the landing page than a user on a mobile device.

  7. How to Spot Bad Data Within Your PPC Campaigns & What to do About It

    Conversion optimization testing: We’ve seen conversion rates increase and decline dramatically due to testing on the website/landing page. However, it is mission critical that all stakeholders know that there is testing being conducted.