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  1. The Revolution Will Be Streamed -- Operation Payback: Protest or War?

    It really is that simple and that complex because there's no real leader (just a moderator who seems to kick people out for using colors, cap locks, and underlines in their messages), yet they seem to hold together quite well.

  2. More IM Search: Search Air Fare Info, Flight Status and More with Kayakbot

    Here's a screen cap of a sample report. On the AIM screen I was given five flight options and a price. Neat idea, good start, but it needs work, It would be great to see more flight options on the AIM screen along with options to limit to non-stop...

  3. Google Video Player Removed From Downloads of Google Video Pack

    Digital Inspiration has a screen cap of the Google Pack download page at launch where you can see the video player listed. A look at the live page as of this afternoon, shows it awol. Several people have sent along notes this weekend and I've seen...