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  1. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Even if you decide to make the transition from a privately developed website or platform, the likelihood that you will be able to export content, databases, and related assets into a format that can be simply plugged into an open-source platform...

  2. Content Marketing: The 4 Most Critical Components to Measure & Analyze

    Or maybe the format was off? The medium, as determined by the format of the message, also controls the promotional activities that can take place to promote and push the message to reach more people. In order to accurately test the format, you...

  3. Google Supports New Schema for Multiple Business Phone Numbers

    Businesses with multiple locations should truly benefit from this new schema format. Google is recommending this new schema, along with other schema for hours of operation, address, and other information, be placed on a business' location page.

  4. Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for Managing Organic SEO Campaigns

    The ability to create custom reports, allows us to parse that data in a user-friendly format. Pro tip: Place the landing page URL into a keyword density analyzer for additional insights. How often a page acts as a landing page (point of entry) and...