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  1. YouTube will Move Right Along as Though Nothing had Happened

    Kamangar earned his Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with honours from Stanford University. Or, to be clear, video marketing will continue to change at the same rapid pace that it's been changing over the past several years.

  2. Social Profile Sites, Mobile Social Networking More Popular than Twitter Among 18-24 Year Olds

    The Lubin School of Business' Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Lab at Pace University partnered with PMN for the study. Twitter may be enjoying some nice traffic trends in recent months, but they're going to have to work harder to win over 18...

  3. Going to SES Chicago for the first time

    Schultz, Professor (Emeritus-in-Service), Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University & President of Agora, Inc. In last week's article, I said that one of the reasons why the content at Search Engine Strategies Chicago has changed...

  4. Daily SearchCast, July 27, 2006: Daily SearchCast's First Birthday!; Microsoft Hires 10,000; Baidu Cuts HP Deal; Google Ranking Changes; Google: The Musical & More!

    University of Hamburg researchers found the Web moving from static hypertext information to dynamic interactive services. The musical is being hosted at the Rarig Center on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

  5. Daily SearchCast, July 5, 2006: Google's Ranking Criteria Categories Exposed?; Lawsuit Over Rankings Might Go Ahead; Google's Not-So-Killer Products; Windows Live Local Click-To-Call & More!

    University Press and the Children's Publishing House. The problem is, there is not enough room for them to expand at this pace. Windows Live Local gets click-to-call and more! Tune-in by listening to this

  6. FAST Aims For Largest Index

    At the core of its technical staff are students and professors from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who studied search before coming to FAST. Yes, it is very important that crawler-based systems keep pace with the growth of the...