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  1. Reinstalling My PC, Part 2: Secure Your PC, For Free!

    Once the most popular reasons for reinstalling your operating system is that it is often the easiest way to deal with a preponderance of viruses, spyware and other collected nasties that find their way onto your computer.

  2. Machines in Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of SElectric Sheep?

    Imagine your company's engineering team has a virtually unlimited budget to translate any language in the world. Your engineers rank among the best in the world at machine translation, a subset of the widely-known (and widely misunderstood) field...

  3. iOffer Pokes Fun at eBay

    eBay is a tough one to compete with, but an easy target. While P2P commerce site iOffer might not follow an auction model, it clearly looks to grab market share from the untouchable giant with a game called Feepay that parodies the rising rates and...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Feb. 1, 2006: Google's Profitable Earnings Still Disappoint; Hey, You Got Google Ads Into My Newspaper (And TV, Radio...); Google Wants Your PSP; Yahoo Offering SuperBowl Ads & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Google's fourth quarter earnings disappointing analysts who wanted bigger earnings; Google looking at traditional ad venues to grow revenues; Google wants into your PSP; Google's internal Linux operating is staying...

  5. BitTorrent Plans to Launch Search Engine & Carry Ask Jeeves Ads

    While several earch tools exist to find BitTorrent material (movies, music, software and other files), the service itself has not offered its own search tool. That's about to change as BitTorrent launches its own advertising-supported search engine...

  6. Breaking Search News for April 1, 2005

    It's turning out to be a pretty busy day for search news, so we're going to keep an easy recap of special stories you might want to consider reading today: UnderGoos, Google Underwear Store, Opens Google Rolls Out Branded Google Gulp Drinks

  7. Delving Deep Inside the Searcher's Mind

    Which search engines do searchers prefer and why? How do users use search engines to find the information they want? And how do searchers perceive paid versus free listings? New research offers insights into the workings of the searcher's mind.