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  1. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    But Search Engine Watch readers, don't fall for this misconception. Website owners should understand relationships among entities and create a global, local, and contextual navigation system that makes sense to users and technology.

  2. Yandex Teams With Seznam on Video Search Results, Now Reports Malware

    Speaking to Search Engine Watch, a Yandex spokesperson declined comment, stating Yandex doesn’t comment on its future plans. This new partnership expanded the Yandex team to include members from the Czech Republic.

  3. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    The repercussions of that ought to be fun to watch. Hello RedZone owners. I will make more stand alone objects, free for zRZ owners, that include auto-consent functions if they remain in the sim 60 seconds or longer after being given a notice that...

  4. SearchDay | Content is King...IF You Promote It

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Experts Columns Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions SEW EXPERTS: LITTLE BIZ Many small business owners think that building a Web site is an end to itself, and that it will simply market...

  5. Do You Know Where Your Audience Is?

    They love to read and watch. Too many times, overexcited CEOs, CMOs, and business owners see the latest and greatest social media tools talked about on the cable news channels and think, "we have to be there.

  6. SearchDay: Local Search for Little Biz

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Experts Columns Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions Luckily for small business owners, there are steps they can take to influence many of the factors that positively affect local search...

  7. Microsoft Adds More Tools for Search Marketers

    We report the top search marketing news daily at the Search Engine Watch Blog. Accredited members will be listed in a membership directory and will get a logo to use on their web sites and marketing materials, allowing them to demonstrate to their...

  8. Machines In Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of Selectric Sheep? Part 2

    We'll also continue the conversation and contributions from LinkedIn members on our Search Engine Watch blog. So I asked a bigger question (on LinkedIn) to help business owners learn more about some of the human versus technology issues related to...