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  1. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    It also gives details of a specific gift website, Not on the High Street, where traffic has performed the best overall. It might sound surprising, but customers start searching for gifts and products for Christmas as early as September.

  2. Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

    There are some clients I have that see more than 50 percent of their overall traffic from mobile devices. When companies are hit by Panda and see a huge drop in Google organic traffic, they often run to check their websites.

  3. What Marketing Executives Say About Content Targeting

    This means that more than seven out of 10 marketers say they are more focused on producing more well-researched content (as opposed to just more volume overall). Content is a central part of the digital strategy for brands across the globe spanning...

  4. Survey Says: Stop Making Assumptions About Your Content

    Overall, your content marketing program may be successful but what are the pieces that are really driving the actions you want and what is it about those pieces that is making them truly perform? Last month, I attended an industry conference on...