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  1. Content Site Links Are More Valuable than Social Links [Study]

    Add another recent study to the un-social pile: Outbrain's Content Discovery and Engagement report showed that content sites provided more engaged users. The Outbrain Study For those unfamiliar with Outbrain, it's a company that helps connect users...

  2. Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps

    Outbrain widget SMO can be applied to blogging, microblogging (social status updates), product pages, email, and more. Similar to SEO, there are on-page specific factors. This guide reviews the benefits, factors, and checkpoints for you to...

  3. Google Panda Update Shifts Estimated $1 Billion in Revenue to Large Publishers

    Backing up these findings is recommendation service Outbrain, maker of a widget used on 91 "premium publisher sites" including USA Today, The Daily Beast and Newsweek, Slate, iVillage, Slate, and The Boston Globe.