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  1. Top Super Bowl 2013 Google Searches

    The Super Bowl power outage was also big news, and the source of endless entertainment on Twitter, but only was the eighth most popular query last night on Google. However, Yahoo reported that “super bowl blackout” and “super bowl lights out” were...

  2. Twitter Is Currently Down For [Insert Your Reason Here]

    UPDATE 2: The official word for Twitter on today's two-hour outage: The cause of today’s outage came from within our data centers. What was noteworthy about today’s outage was the coincidental failure of two parallel systems at nearly the same time.

  3. The Great #googlefail of May 2009

    Google Launches Apps Status Dashboard To Address Outage Information Google services have gone down (or were down earlier today) in various cities. There aren't too many concrete details out there. ZD Net is reporting that the outages in New York...

  4. SearchDay: Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization

    How does an outage impact your SEO efforts? When's an Outage More than Just an Outage? Today's Top Story MarkJackson Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization AU NATURAL Issuing press releases without regard for SEO is a wasted opportunity.

  5. When's an Outage More than Just an Outage?

    During times of either configuration problems or simply an outage, a search engine may see one of the following: DNS is unavailable, Network is not available, 500s in a large volume, and if a server is setup incorrectly, it could see redirects to...