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  1. 4 Recent Changes to Search That Make SEO Easy as Finding Hidden Treasure

    Unfortunately, the focus on paid has made it tougher on those seeking to appear in organic search engine results, which attracts more clicks from users on search engine results pages. Despite the dependence of millions of businesses on Google...

  2. How to Use PPC Data to Guide SEO Strategy in a '(Not Provided)' World

    We can no longer precisely track traffic for Google in organic search at the keyword level. Sending PPC traffic to organic canonical pages can only increase the possibilities of linking and social sharing, assuming the organic page converts well.

  3. How to Report Organic Search Traffic Gains After Filtering 'Bad' Traffic

    Increase in "good" organic search traffic. With all of the "large scale" changes that we had made, structurally, with the website, I anticipated strong gains in organic presence/traffic. A lot of bad traffic coming to the site (bots/"search" pages...

  4. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Going Viral not Required to Succeed – with YouTube’s Lane Shackleton – Ramblings About SEO BlogThe product manager from YouTube's monetization team chats with Eric Enge about being successful on YouTube, the role of organic search, AdWords for...

  5. The Misleading Sinister Surge in Traffic Before Google Panda & Penguin Struck

    Understand your organic search traffic, including which landing pages are receiving the most traffic, and why. You should know how and why new organic search traffic is hitting your site. They had built up strong domain authority and wanted to use...

  6. Avoiding the SEO 'Fiscal Cliff' – Justifying Investment With Metrics that Matter

    Ensure page goals, action based goals and ecommerce tracking (if applicable) are in place, and dashboard reports are readily available for organic traffic first. For example, recently jostling for budgets, a client asked how much an additional $20...

  7. Paid & Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

    Common keywords are available for competitors who use the same organic keywords and in AdWords. SEMrush provides data on keywords for both organic and PPC with a phrase match report, related keywords, and organic results to find relevant keywords.