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Organic Search Traffic Encrypted

  1. Bing Begins Rollout of Secure Search, Say Goodbye to More Keyword Data

    With Google, AdWords advertisers still get their keyword referral data, although webmasters via organic traffic don't get those keywords. And then clicking through to the organic search results links, it is still a direct link, and it's not routing...

  2. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    The annual summit came just days after Google moved entirely to secure search, turning Google keyword data into "(not provided)", essentially eliminating access to insights related to organic search engine traffic.

  3. Google '(Not Provided)' Keywords: 10 Ways to Get Organic Search Data

    Suddenly, organic analytical data is nonexistent for Google traffic, and many webmasters are seeing 95+ percent of keywords being reported as "(not provided)", with that remaining 5 percent coming from non-Google searches.

  4. Google '(Not Provided)' Traffic Highest for Tech Industry Brands at 56% [Study]

    From June to December of 2012, "(not provided)" accounted for 47.1 percent of all organic visits, and from January to June of this year, that number ballooned to 60.2 percent Looking at the latest quarter of BrightEdge data on over 8,400 brands, 56...

  5. How to Understand Your Google “Not Provided” Traffic

    Under “Traffic Sources” select “Organic” (under Search) Change the ”Include” to “Exclude” so instead of getting data for all your branded traffic, you're excluding it. In this instance we also have to exclude all the “not provided” traffic.

  6. Google Encrypted Search: 9 Key Points B2B Marketers Need to Know

    Overall organic search engine traffic metrics are not impacted by this change; only specific keyword referral information. B2B marketers will still be able to evaluate total organic search engine traffic, new versus returning traffic, and...