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Order Magnitude

  1. How to Introduce a Politics-Free Prioritization Model for Analytics Reporting

    The self-perpetuating cycle of asking business questions, diving deep into analytics data, providing actionable insights, and testing data-driven recommendations often scales by orders of magnitude quicker than the human resources and tools often...

  2. Superfish Debuts ShapeRank for Visual Search; Near Matches More Exciting Than Exact

    Superfish say that this additional dimension of geometry improves visual search’s precision and performance "by several orders of magnitude" and allows them to deliver more precise results – which can be filtered by similarity or simply to match...

  3. Twitter Helps Prove That Fame Isn't Fleeting

    Over the course of 70 years, through a world war, a global depression, a two order of magnitude growth in (available) media volume, and a technological curve moving from party-line telephones to satellites and Twitter, both of our fame duration...

  4. Facebook F8 Wrapup: Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank for Users & Marketers

    Zuckerberg commented numerous times on the magnitude of the information we share, and these latest developments allow sharing in an order of magnitude never seen before. Content appears in chronological order down your wall.

  5. Google's New Approach to China: A Closer Look at the Attack Heard 'Round the Web

    As with any story of this magnitude, there is much speculation; the assumptions revolve around the driving force behind the attacks, the motivation behind Google's decision, the wider implications for businesses operating in China, and the effects...

  6. Top 5 SEM Industry Frustrations

    Relatively few people understand the power and magnitude of social media, so it's easy to add-on "magical" services to pad contracts. Companies are letting people go in order to thicken up those thin margins.

  7. Local Search Tactics for Tough Economic Times

    Taking a "business as usual" approach probably won't deliver the magnitude of sales leads necessary to survive and prosper in this tough economic environment. In looking back through all my Search Engine Watch articles, I realized it might be...

  8. Google's Sergey Brin on Local Mobile Search

    On a rough order of magnitude, imagine that 30 times as many searches per user might be done by an iPhone user as compared to a conventional cell phone. Let's be clear right off the NOT the Year of Mobile Search.