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  1. Google's Product Listing Ads: Adoption, Clicks, Mobile Continue Surge [Study]

    Shifting more attention toward optimizing the mobile experience — mobile-friendly landing pages, integrating Google Merchant Center’s local availability and local storefront features — will be key to maximizing smartphone PLA performance.

  2. SEO Basics: 8 Essentials When Optimizing Your Site

    Although the Introduction to SEO session was intended for industry newcomers, Shelby's tips offer important reminders for even experienced SEO professionals who have been optimizing sites for years. Being consistent with keyword phrases within...

  3. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: Optimize Beyond Clicks to Drive Higher ROI

    To demonstrate the importance of optimizing mobile app install ads based on offline data, let's walk through a simple example. While optimizing towards app install clicks may be a reasonable short-term goal for your mobile app promotion strategy...

  4. 3 Ways Attribution Modeling Can Help You Work Smarter, More Effectively

    Rather than optimizing in a vacuum and giving all the credit to the last click, you should start incorporating some form of attribution modeling into your daily routine. Today, you're able to evaluate and optimize campaign assets and budgets in...