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Optimized Press Release

  1. Enterprise SEO in 2013

    When wholly integrated into public relations processes a well optimized press release can drive a sustainable burst of search referred traffic and to a new business line. This ideology is user-centric in that it presumes the preponderance of search...

  2. PRWEb and PitchEngine: SEO Smart/SMO Sexy Newsmakers

    Tools like PitchEngine emulate that vision by offering a pop-up one-page site that allows brands to tell an engaging and optimized story, add images and video, and publish it to the search and social world – for as little as free.

  3. Can the SEO-PR Love Affair Survive After Panda & Penguin?

    The optimized press release is still a good candidate for online marketing, but the peace, love, and SEO days are over on Google. This might require several versions of the same press release. That's why I say focus on the press release for what it...

  4. GoAnimate Unveils New Political Characters and Backgrounds

    For example, my firm wrote an optimized press release in 2008 entitled, “ Holds Straw Poll for Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin. Imagine turning a recent press release announcing...