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  1. SEO Is No One-Trick Pony

    Usability/Conversion Rate Optimization If it so happens that my "SEO company" happens to spend considerable time in usability/conversion rate optimization, then so be it. My favorite tool remains for a quick analysis of the opportunity.

  2. How to Check the Status of Google Penguin Link Removals Using Screaming Frog or Deep Crawl

    I use it for a number of important tasks related to crawling websites, checking XML sitemaps, flagging crawl errors, checking on-page optimization in bulk, etc. Note: Cyrus Shepard wrote a great post last week about the disavow tool and mentioned...

  3. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

    Use the Keyword Tool to find any obviously unwanted phrase match keywords. However, the lack of clarity can make optimization seem like witchcraft (it’s not). This is relatively quick and easy to do by duplicating campaigns in the AdWords Editor...

  4. 3 Hard Lessons to Learn From Penguin: Be Relevant, Be Balanced, Keep it Real

    The Panda update targeted low value on-page optimization focusing on duplicate content and spammy outbound links, while Penguin is targeting largely inbound links, dropping the rankings of sites/pages that might have unnatural links pointing to them.