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  1. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Check out Optify's Organic Search Click-Through Rate (CTR) Study for insights on search rank CTR differences to estimate benefits.i.e. Check out these handy formulas for calculating tangible social media benefits – advertising, content, leads...

  2. 10 SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies & In-House Teams

    Given Optify’s CTR data for positions 1 through 20, the opportunity gap can be communicated to the client.monthly searches * 94 percent = 1992 * 3.0 percent /30 days = 2 daily click-throughs for Position 9 in for the keyword "HR Software"

  3. How a Preview Image Increased a Landing Page's Conversion Rate by 359%

    In this test, since I measured conversion rate, I used Optify to determine the winner. A recent A/B test I ran examined how a preview image on a landing page affects the page’s conversion rate. The results of the test were conclusive – a landing...

  4. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    Also, positions 8-10 combine for somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 percent of clicks (according to Slingshot SEO) to 8 percent of clicks (according to Optify). Google is now showing three less results on searches for brand names (7, rather than 10).

  5. 8 Rules of A/B Testing – The Art in Marketing Science

    Here’s an example from Optify on a quick documentation of a test we ran on Twitter’s Auto DM. Data! Data! he cried impatiently. I can't make bricks without clay. Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”

  6. Enterprise SEO Update: Rosetta, Covario, Optify & More

    Optify Adds Enterprise-Level Email Marketing with Closed-Loop Response Tracking B2B inbound marketing software company Optify has added email marketing, powered by ExactTarget. What have the top enterprise-level SEO software and service companies...