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Opt Out Library Scanning Project

  1. Legal Experts Say Google Library Digitization Project Likely OK; Will It Revolve Around Snippets?

    Yes, they scan all the book but they show little without explicit permission (for more, see our past Another Google Book Scanning Debate If copyright law worked the way Google would like to see it working, then everyone in the world would be able...

  2. More Publishing Trade Groups Weigh In On Changes to Google's Library Scanning Project

    Shortly after Google announced some changes to their library scanning project, the Association of Amercican Publishers said they weren't pleased (see: Google Gives Publishers Opt-Out From Library Scanning Project; One Group Still Not Happy).

  3. Google Launches Catalog Search

    There was also the help of some high school students drafted in to complete some of the scanning. And has Google violated copyright by scanning all these catalogs -- some of which there is a charge for -- without permission?