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Operating Income

  1. Bloomberg and UBS clash over Sef aggregation

    Most clients tell us they get arguably better pricing by showing who they are to one of their liquidity providing partners than they would get in an anonymous interdealer market," said Nathan Jenner, chief operating officer for fixed-income...

  2. People: TD Bank bags Scotia Capital structuring team

    Before that, he worked in China fixed-income sales at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Papiasse will retain his other role as deputy chief operating officer for BNP Paribas Group, and focus on the firm's ‘remediation plan', which it agreed with US...

  3. Buy-side firms slam broker Sefs over lack of anonymity

    To me, it feels like when you cut through the arguments for post-trade disclosure, it's really just a means to discourage people from participating in the Clob," said Richard Mazzella, chief operating officer for global fixed income at Citadel.

  4. Citadel ‘nervous’ about lack of Sef competition

    We are already a year into the Sef regime and we are pretty disappointed by the inability of some interesting Sefs to attract liquidity to their platforms," said Richard Mazzella, chief operating officer for global fixed income at Citadel, during...

  5. Censoring Google is the Cure for Piracy?

    Her solution would see Congress enact laws to prevent U.S.advertising networks from placing ads on piracy websites, and to cut off income these sites receive via PayPal and credit card companies. Google's results are at issue, says Frederick...

  6. Google Building East Coast Tech Mecca? NYC Office Building Bought for $1.9 Billion

    Mitchell writes that net operating income at the building is roughly $100 million a year. And with Google sitting on a huge cash pile that's earning a pittance that income doesn't look too shabby. It's official: Google's NYC office, located in the...

  7. Impact of Legal U.S. Online Gambling on Search and the Web

    But the potential income is much more than that when you factor the money Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft would get from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the income from affiliate marketing, and other income people will make online.