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  1. Yahoo Confirms Icahn Proxy Fight

    A University of Michigan graduate with a degree in business administration and a from Columbia University Law School, Shaye is also a Fulbright Scholar, member of the New York State Bar, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the Motion...

  2. Yahoo Search Subscriptions Brings Premium Content Into Web Search

    Yahoo Subscriptions Versus Google Scholar I'm sure Yahoo's new service will draw comparisons with Google Scholar. That said, I'm sure Google Scholar will be offering access to more of this type of content in the future and very likely has deals...

  3. Google Local UK Gets Mobile Site; Google Scholar Lets Any Library Add Links

    Over on ResourceShelf, my Direct Links to Articles: Google Scholar is Now Open to All Libraries explains how the Google Scholar program has expanded to allow any library to set-up direct links from to the full text of articles found in the Google