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Open Letter

  1. Google Responds to 'Right to Be Forgotten' Questionnaire

    In its opening letter, Google notes it moved quickly to comply with the ruling and acknowledges its approach will evolve over time as it works through the process. Then comes the question of Google's interest -- including economic -- to providing...

  2. Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Others Join Forces to Fight NSA Spying

    The open letter, published on the Reform Government Surveillance website, has been signed by Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, AOL and Twitter. Eight of the world's largest technology companies have signed a joint letter to the...

  3. Find & Hire Talent With LinkedIn Education and the Student Job Portal

    Many of them had complete LinkedIn profiles, and many included a solid cover letter to accompany their resume and profile. LinkedIn has done a great job in providing a large pool of top university talent open to any sized employer.

  4. Google Faces £500,000 Fine if Privacy Policy Isn't Changed by Sept. 20

    In our letter we confirm that its updated privacy policy raises serious questions about its compliance with the UK Data Protection Act. However, in response, Google issued a vague statement claiming it does adhere to UK laws, but it made no direct...

  5. Google Challenges U.S. National Security Letter in Court

    Google is fighting a National Security Letter (NSL) issued by the U.S.government, with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) acknowledging it is one of the first firms to do so. If the firm can succeed in its fight against NSLs then it could...

  6. Happy Halloween Google Doodle: Spooky Haunted House Logo Full of Interactive Fun

    This lowercase “g” is the fourth letter in the Google logo. As each new door opens, the ones before remain open with their Halloween characters on display. The fourth door, second to last, creaks open to reveal the groaning, mummified “l” beneath.

  7. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    I suspect that many visitors to this scroll down to the sales letter in a much more open and impressionable frame of mind after watching the video. And the landing page amplifies that exclamation point with a gritty video and challenging, fear...