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  1. Has Same-Sex Marriage Controversy Caused Google To Retreat From Open Gay Support?

    We braved the rain in Boston, enjoyed the sun in New York, rode a trolley in Chicago and marched with the Israel Gay Youth Organization in Tel Aviv and Haifa. During Gay Pride celebrations last year Google was very visible in its support, with...

  2. Visualizing Paris, Barcelona and other Cities

    Israel Business Arena Feb 10 2004 1:29PM GMT The trick is to move the open hand icon across the map until the icon turns into an index finger pointing straight ahead. You can move the map around by holding down the mouse when the hand is open...

  3. Linker vs. Lawyer: The Deep Link Controversy Continues

    Israel Blocks Palestinian ISP. But the moment you open it in your email program it becomes a link because your email program (Outlook, MS Messenger, Eudora) all make it a link automatically. Is deep linking illegal, as a Danish court recently ruled?