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Open Internet White Spaces

  1. FCC Passed "White Space" What Does It Mean

    TV white spaces will increase accessibility to more reliable broadband networks, known as "mesh networks. As Larry Page noted in the Official Google blog, "This is a clear victory for Internet users and anyone who wants good wireless communications.

  2. New Players in Travel Search

    Windows Live Spaces announces features, Niall Kennedy As an economics student in college in the mid-late 90s, the theory of transparency was extremely exciting to me because the internet promised to open everything up, empowering the consumer to...

  3. The Search Engine Report - August 5, 1997 Number 9

    For example, spaces are not used to separate words in written Japanese. The move is in support of a White House proposal on the same day asking the Internet industry to adopt a self-regulated rating system for content on the Web in order to protect...