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  1. 5 Invaluable (And Free!) Tools Every Online Marketer Should Get to Know

    This user-powered directory is incredibly helpful for identifying interest-driven Twitterfolk, from authority to average Joe. This incredibly streamlined open-source program loads in an estimated 0.024 seconds, and most handy image editing commands...

  2. 7 Google Projects Shut Down in the Page Era (The Google Friends Newsletter is the Latest)

    The new home page simply tells people to head over to DMOZ, the open directory that Google pulled much of its content from. The Google Directory Google's Directory, launched back in 2000 to compete with Yahoo, saw its final hour without any fanfare.

  3. Build Links in 30 Minutes a Day [Best of SEW 2010 #8”

    They could be a directory section of a non-profit, education, government, or industry site. Keep an open mind. Just approach it with an open mind so you don't look over golden opportunities. Our countdown continues today with our No.column, which...

  4. SearchDay | Build a Better Cesspool

    My "Must Have" List of Directories SEW EXPERTS: LITTLE BIZ Submitting yourself to directories that are directly related to your business is an important part of directory and linkbuilding research. Voting is Open for Doodle 4 Google Contest Posted...

  5. SearchDay | Give SEO Time!

    Free Directory Links Feb 5, 2009 Hi There - I use a service to get directory links. The directory links are topically related and the links are free, while the service is not (but they do only charge a nominal fee for the links).

  6. Search Engine Optimization: Back To Basics

    One option is to look at authority Web directories (Open Directory Project, Best of the Web, Yahoo Directory, that list Web sites on your topic. It's tough to run a business, spend time with the family (did I mention that I have a 4...

  7. Microsoft Adds More Tools for Search Marketers

    Accredited members will be listed in a membership directory and will get a logo to use on their web sites and marketing materials, allowing them to demonstrate to their customers and prospects that they are fully trained and proficient in adCenter.