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  1. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal

    Nickelodeon – A vast library of shows from the number-one entertainment brand for kids including “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Zoey 101,” “The Fairly OddParents,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” and many more.

  2. Specialty Search Roundup #5

    A new exhibit looking at the last 100 years of UK newspapers is now open at the British Library in London. We also include a link to the book (full text) Introduction to Metadata: Pathways to Digital Information (Version 2.1) from Getty.

  3. A Look Back as Google's Library Project Passes the One Year Mark

    Tomorrow, the Google Library Project will be one year old. Here's a link to our first SearchDay article about the Google Library Project from December 14, 2004. To this day, Google Book Search (the material direct from publishers) and the Google...

  4. Buys "Answer Extraction" Engine Brainboost for $4 Million in Cash and Some Shares of Restricted Stock will apply Brainboost's answer extraction techniques not only to the Web at large, as implemented currently, but to's own growing content library of attributable reference sources.

  5. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 22, 2005: Google & Library Of Congress Team On World Digital Library; Google Growth & Growth Issues; Yahoo Gains Famed AltaVista Alumnus Broder; Search Gains In Popularity

    World Digital Library project to digitize important works from around the world, the rival and preexisting Open Content Alliance backed by Yahoo, MSN and the Today's search podcast covers Google funding a US Library of Congress-backed